Eligibility & Enrollment

As a new hire at Transource Freightways, you may be eligible for group benefits plans. If eligible, you can apply for benefits, add your dependents and beneficiaries, and make changes to your coverage.

Before you begin

You are not automatically enrolled for group benefits. You need to apply for benefits you are eligible for and know when you will be covered for these benefits. This will allow you to ensure the continuity of your coverage between what is provided by Transource and what is provided by the group plan you hold with your former employer or your own individual coverage.

After you enroll

Once you have completed your enrollment, you can access your benefits after 3 working days at GroupNet. GroupNet is an online tool that provides you access to your group benefits plan and gives you an easy way to submit claims and get reimbursed faster, check your coverage balances, and more.

Make a note of your Health & Dental Number

You’ll need these numbers when completing claim forms. Also let your dental office know so they can submit claims on your behalf.

Group Plan Number: 420973
Member ID: 5-digit payroll ID

Update Coverage

Use this form to make changes. Download the form and print it, or fill it out in Adobe Reader (not your browser) and save.
Return to Payroll@transourcefreightways.com

Require assistance?

The Canada Life Assurance Company

Phone: 1-888-222-0775
Web: canadalife.com