A Record of Employment (ROE) is used by Service Canada to determine whether an individual qualifies for Employment Insurance benefits, the benefit rate, and the duration of the employee’s claim.

An ROE is produced when an employee:

  • Quits his/her job
  • Is laid off or terminated
  • Is on a Leave of Absence (eg. Maternity, Parental or Sick leave)
  • Has had within the last 52 weeks or since the last ROE, seven consecutive calendar days without work and insurable earnings from the employer

If your employment has been terminated and you plan to make a claim for Employment Insurance, Service Canada requires a record of your employment history and earnings. A record of employment is only issued to terminated employees with a minimum of a 7-day break between employments. No paper record is produced. Electronic submissions go directly to Service Canada.

If you require a Record of Employment, please contact Payroll.